National Volunteer Week 18-24 May 2020


Nominations for BYS Volunteer of the Year 2020


National Volunteer Week is 18-24 May.  In recognition of this, BYS is pleased to again be presenting it’s “Volunteer of the Year” award to one of our dedicated members who have gone above and beyond in their volunteering efforts over the course of the year. The award will be announced at our “virtual” Presentation Night on 30 May 2020. We have had several great nominations this year, whom we are showcasing one-by-one. The final two nominations are:


Phil Beattie


As always, Phil has constantly been helping at the club this year, volunteering for club racing officially 5 times, and helping out with the Petersville Regatta as the driver for Bruce. He also helped with the 29er Nationals over summer and is helping with the Novice course for the Minnow States. This is what Phil had to say about volunteering at BYS:


“Volunteering at BYS is what makes our club so special. The new people you meet, the skills you learn and pass on to others, celebrating the good days and learning from the others. Volunteering makes myself and BYS a better place, its that simple.


“I have been lucky enough over the years to do a few courses including VHF Radio License, First Aid, Tackers, Dinghy & Keelboat Sailing Instructor, Powerboat & Safety boat instructor, Equipment Auditor, and Race Officer.”


Peter Moglia


Volunteering officially 5 times this season, Peter has often put up his hand to help on our mark laying boats, and has helped teach some of our newer volunteers how to lay marks. He is very generous in giving his time, and always gets back to the club as soon as possible when he can help. This is what Peter had to say about volunteering at BYS:


“Volunteering allows me to re-engage with a club that was such a large part of my life growing up on the beach with my family. It’s also fun to do something on the weekend completely detached from the normal working week and although I’ve been doing patrol boat duty since I was a teenager, more recently being part of the on-water volunteer team has given me a chance to learn and practice a new skill in course laying.


“Aside from the relatively recent inclusion of a commercial bar and restaurant, the club is and has been for many years, driven by the strength of the volunteers. Whether it was through the maintenance work parties or the on-water race coordination, BYS simply wouldn’t be the club it is today without the effort of the volunteer work force to promote, maintain and inspire an interest in sailing.”


Peter has completed the Powerboat Handling Course and the Mark Laying Course both at BYS.


Allan Broadhead


Allan has completed 10 official duties for BYS club racing over the past season, and is always popping into to the office to confirm duties and see if there are any other gaps he can help fill. On top of this, Allan helped out with the Petersville Regatta in December, and the Hansa State Championships in February. Here is what Allan had to say about volunteering at BYS:


“As a volunteer I get immense pleasure from being useful around the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. I have always had a love of the sea and find being part of BYS and mixing with fellow members very rewarding – it’s a community!


“I feel it’s very important that all such organisations are supported by volunteers, it’s beneficial for all concerned.


“I have completed and passed – Victorian Marine Licence”.


Christine Younger


Chris has been on a mission to learn lots of new skills this season, and she has definitely achieved her goal! She has done multiple duties for club racing, often filling in on Friday twilight races where we struggle to get volunteers. Chris has also helped out at multiple regattas, including the Hansa State Championships and the Minnow State Championships. Here’s what Chris had to say about volunteering at BYS:


“What I like about volunteering is being involved, being part of a team and learning new skills (everyone has been very patient and kind especially when I mucked up). Mixing and meeting lots of different people of all ages has been fun.


“It’s also given me an opportunity to give back to BYS many years ago when I joined Geoff Watson, who made it possible for me to afford joining BYS when funds were tight. Brian Jennings was running the sail training and found us boats for both my boys to start sailing (we all did a lot of work on them – again thanks to other members).


“Due to life and work commitments it’s only now I have time to be a volunteer.”


Chris has completed a CPR Course, First Aid and Power Boat Handling course at BYS.


Russell Cuttler


Russell only became a member at BYS in 2019, and has already officially volunteered for patrol boat duty 8 times, as well as helping with the 29er Nationals. His enthusiasm to learn new skills and help whenever possible has been such a great addition to the club, and a big help to the patrol boat fleet!  Here’s what Russell had to say about BYS:


“I enjoy volunteering for 3 main reasons:


1)  While I have very little yachting experience, I love mucking around in boats and being out on the water.

2) To gain some understanding of yachting.

3) Being a reasonably new member, to meet other members and being with like minded people. I get a lot of satisfaction from others being able to be out there sailing.


“Volunteering is an important part of being a member of a club, as without them the club doesn’t run effectively or safely. It’s a way of being involved and helping members to enjoy sailing.


“To assist with being a volunteer, while I have had a power boat license for years, it was important to become familiar with the BYS patrol boats so, I did a familiarisation course and also a radio course so I could get my marine radio license. Next season, I will consider what other courses that may help with my understanding and improve or develop new skills.”


Rob Evans


Constantly putting his hand up to help, and always rising to the occasion when faced with certain challenges. He has officially volunteered 6 times for BYS racing, and has recently been the Race Officer on Bruce for the Hansa State Championships. Rob also assisted with the 29er nationals over summer and consistently manages to complete all duties to the best of his ability. Here’s what Rob had to say about BYS:


“My intrinsic motivation is helping people improve, gain knowledge and enjoy their club experience. Watching new sailors feel included, seeing the improvement in their decision making and the confidence of sailors who have taken on challenges and now have the passion to say to me “…one day I’m going to beat you” and when they do – I always buy them a beer to celebrate! To me, that’s a great outcome.


“Being a volunteer keeps the club alive with regards to its core activity which is sailing – it spreads the load and defines the existence of BYS, its purpose and why the club has such an exemplary reputation as an inclusive family friendly environment.


“There have been many learning experiences that helped me – the Spring sailing sessions, race management courses, course laying, rules and protest committee, powerboat handling, and OOD education have all helped me gain experience and confidence in decision making. Plus, being able to be involved in regatta roles, rescue, mark laying, start boat and regatta management (although the stress levels with some classes is sometimes a hurdle!) These opportunities have all contributed and helped me learn so much.”




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