BYS Strategy


"Continue the Voyage"

Back in October the Executive Committee and Flag Officers attended an offsite Strategy Planning day. This was an opportunity for the executive to conduct a brainstorming session to clearly define what the high level goals are of BYS. We discussed, what are BYS’ core values? What do we stand for? What things now and in the future, are and will be, important to BYS?

Underneath this high level strategy is the framework being performed by each sub-Committee to feed into the club goals. Once the strategy framework is complete the staff under the guidance of the General Manager will also have a clearer understanding of where we want to take our great club into the future and work toward our common goals. Our sub-Committees will have a framework to better align with the overall strategy ensuring we are all heading in the right direction, together.

There are many ways to conduct a strategy framework and this one is developed to be reviewed on an annual basis. This allows the executive team of the time to monitor and measure how the club is tracking versus achieving our goals.


Matt McCarthy

Commodore 2021 - 2023