Michael Trumble awarded Life Membership

At the Annual General Meeting held on 31 July 2021 Mike Trumble was elected a Life Member of the Club.

Michael Trumble, life member


The proposal was introduced by Commodore Barry Fitzpatrick who spoke of Mike’s contribution to the Club after joining the Committee in 2001, serving as Commodore in 2007–2009, and acting as the Club’s Honorary Solicitor during the critical time of ten years after retiring as Commodore.


Following his election by the Members, Mike spoke briefly with the following remarks:


Volunteerism is the glue that holds the Club together and underlies its success. His appointment as a Life Member is more a recognition of the efforts of all volunteers, which is so vital to the success of the Club.


Mike echoed the Treasurer’s Report concerning the incredibly strong financial position of the Club, which every other yacht club in Australia would envy. BYS is in the strongest financial position of all of them, and we must be immensely proud of that and also protect it moving forward.


Mike also notes that in his 35 years as a Member, as was the case tonight, there has never been a single election for a Flag Officer over all that time. Every Flag Officer has been appointed on merit, and that is a testament to the stability and strength of the Club.  Once again we have another six years of stability and the knowledge that our new Rear Commodore Georgie Plumridge will be supporting and guiding our leadership for a very long time.


Mike reminded the Members that 20 years ago he proposed the election of Bruce Colliver (deceased), Bruce Harding, Ken Godfrey and Trevor Huttley (deceased) as Life Members. The profound success of the Club we are experiencing today and will continue to experience in the future is a testament to the efforts of those four individuals in particular, and others who were instrumental in creating the original Safe Harbour, from which the Club’s success is built today. The contribution of those four Life Members will always be recognised and must be never be forgotten.


Mike also thanked the 100’s of members who have supported and assisted him over the years, and in particular, thanked Ian Rust (deceased) for proposing the Trumble Family as members 35 years ago, Brian Jennings (deceased) who taught Mike to sail, Ken Godfrey who invited Mike to join the Committee in 2001, Commodores Ian Warner and Kevin Wickham (deceased) who invited Mike to become a Flag Officer, and Barry Fitzpatrick (his Vice Commodore) and Jenni Maclean (his Rear Commodore).


Mike also thanked his wife Sally Trumble for her unwavering support and patience for so long and the many hours waiting for him to return from so-called “one-hour” meetings at BYS.


Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron congratulates Michael Trumble on his election as a Life Member and thanks him for his tremendous contribution to the club.



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